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The word Waffle is borrowed from the francic language meaning “honeycomb of bee”. There are traces of waffles recipes as far back as the 14th century and in different coutries around Europe.

It was around the XVIII century that the most popular waffle was born : this waffle is the Waffle of Liège. Liège is a city in the East of Belgium.

The legend goes that the waffle of Liège was invented by the chef of one of the Prince-Bishops of Liège. The prince requested a new pastry.The chef tried a kind of brioche cooked in a gaufrier (what would be called waffle-maker) and had an idea to add vanilla in the dough.
The vanilla perfume released during cooking charmed the Prince and this recipe of waffle entered culinary traditions of the area of Liège, and then quickly taken into all the Kingdom of Belgium.

This waffle has remained since then the most popular in Belgium and around the world.

Liege waffle

The international exposition (aka World’s Fair) of 1958 which was held in Brussels helped to make the waffle world famous.

The next 3 World’s Fair held in the USA finished the job started in Brussels : the waffle became a hit across the Atlantic. It remains a common dish in Obama’s country.

Atonimum in Brussels
The Atomium in Brussels built for the World’s Fair of 1958.


NB: The francic was the language of the old Franks.One of the most famous Frank was the king Charlermagne who became emperor after unifing Europe under his rule. He is also known for being the creator of this famous institution called school.
Last detail : he was born in… Liège

Statue of Charlemagne in the center of Liege
Statue of Charlemagne in Liège